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In fact, finding the man of your dreams is a lot like playing musical chairs...

You start off laughing, playing and dancing together as the excitement builds.

As you go around and around, you feel connected in your heart - innocent and free.

But then… it happens: The music stops!

In that moment, when you look around at each person playing the game...

And it's in that moment, you realize...

Contest Details:

🔥Hot New Offer For Summer 2023🔥

So check this out: 

I’ve been working on this one ever since February, and you’ll be amongst the first to ever see it. 

This is the next generation of the love reading offer that you already promote. 

Not only does it include several ninja conversion upgrades (thanks to my incredible colleagues at Cosmic Media)… 

It has the broadest yet downright most compelling love reading appeal I’ve ever imagined.  

While Read Your Lover implies someone has a partner, or at least a person in mind… 

This new love reading is all encompassing and has massive appeal to both the singles and relationship market.  

It’s honestly my most mainstream approach yet, opening the doors to even non spiritual audiences wider than ever before.  

(Hint: Everyone keeps asking how I got the domain for this offer. I was shocked it wasn’t taken. You might be too). 

Now, I want this offer to be market- fresh when it hits, so I won’t be releasing it until right before the contest - true launch style.  

However, if you want a sneak peak - reach out to me personally and I’ll fill you in on a Skype or phone call. 

The main reason I’m so excited about this new offer is because it means you’ll now have TWO offers available to promote in the Summer of Love contest. 

This means you can promote one offer, the other offer - or both!  Whatever works for you.

  • Brand new upsell flow and system:  Fully customized platform with new additional upsell offers.
  • Real Time Leaderboard: Track your stats live with our new and improved contest leaderboard.
  • Sizzling New Swipe: New set of swipe emails with fresh new angles and urgent appeals
  • Robust Reselling System: New back end membership setup hammers home sales all day and night..
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    And that's just a small taste of what's to come as we send these your way over the next two weeks. 

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Just make at least one sale during the Summer of Love contest (between July 14th and July 24th).

Your sale will automatically enter you into theDaily Raffle Drawing for an extra $100! 

Each contestant can only get one raffle ticket per day.

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Why This #1 Love Tarot Reading Offer On Clickbank Will Be On Fire This Summer🔥🔥🔥

As they say, Spring Flings turn into Summer Affairs.

It's the good old fashion cycle of human mating at work. 

People tend to couple in the cold, isolating winter…

…get restless with “spring fever” as the weather warms up…

… and then, by summer time - hearts change and drama ensues. 

Year after year after year. 

This cycle is so predictable that it's everywhere you look, and big business takes full advantage of it like clockwork.

Just one look at the summer markets and you'll find...

  • Weddings are up over 200% since Spring...
  • Relationship Statuses are changing like the wind (according to Facebook)...
  • Divorce rates are steadily skyrocketing (until they peak in August)
  • And the list goes on...

With more social events, festivals, and lighter clothing...

The summertime heat means temptations are running high.

Lying, cheating, affairs, breakups - all just a jolt of passion away.

And yet, this year - it's going to be 10x worse.

Every 18 months, there's an Astrology cycle called "Venus Retrograde" thats known for wreaking havoc in love and relationships for 6 full weeks!

(Hint: If your audience is into Astrology, then they already know this is coming.

This event will be all over every horoscope on Earth - from websites to grocery store checkout stands - reminding them to buy.)

And, guess what?

This nasty influence will be felt (and talked about) for weeks ahead of time...

... as personal tensions rise, situations get out of hand, and hidden love problems rear their ugly heads.

Thats why we've scheduled our contest when we did!

It ends just a few days before this relationship-rattling cycle begins, sparking romantic chaos for the six weeks to follow...

... which means...

Your Audience Will Be In A Red-Hot, Urgent... Fever-Pitch-Level Of Desire For Love, Certainty and Connection For The Entire Contest

Imagine, you'll be right there... right on time... with exactly what they need, exactly when they need it...

... as you watch a floodgate of your audience members fill up your bank account with Super Affiliate Sales. .

They'll see you as their new best friend who showed them something they love so much, yet never expected to find...

A Hyper-Addictive Interactive Tarot Reading Funnel, Locked And Loaded With A Full Stack Of Irresistible Offers 

Earn Up To $180 Per Sale!

Frequency Of Desire Guided Meditation - $17

A unique guided meditation that increases the user's inherent magnetism through a deep psychological experience and uniquely soothing music. The user gets access to the Frequency of Desire guided meditation, as well as a workbook to track your results. 

Daily Love Card Advisor - 7day FREE (then $7/mo)

Full access to a one care love reading generator without ads so the user can draw new cards every day. With one order bump check box, this recurring product is added to the user's order without any friction or fuss.

Bump: Unlimited Reading Upgrade - 7 Days FREE (then $17 per month)

Immediate access to generate unlimited Cosmic Love Blueprint reports instead of being limited to just two.

This no-brainer order bump takes a single check box to add to their order and earns you cash each month.

Core Offer: The Cosmic Love Blueprint - $37

The most powerful, in depth and detailed "Birth Card" Tarot reading report available on the internet. Fully customized user experience with very low refund rate.

Nothing else like this exists in the world because the formulas actually come from a private Tarot Mystery School with 300+ years of esoteric history.

OTO 1: The Match Matrix Compatibility System - $17

An easy "lay up" upsell that's. a no brainer once they purchase the core product.

The Match Matrix compares the two Cosmic Love Blueprints the user is purchasing to determine how compatible they are as lovers and friends.

OTO 3: Six Week Soulmate Challenge - $111

An exciting six week course that brings the user through a transformational experience from the inside out..

This personal development program helps free user of emotional baggage and manifest their true soulmate..

Plus: Infinite Follow Up System Maximizes Every Click You Send

When you send traffic, and your prospects save their results...
They're given a new reading with every content email, consistently reselling this product until they eventually buy. 
You'll be surprised how many would-be tire kickers end up buying the Cosmic Love Blueprint later...
.. boosting your paycheck for weeks, months, even years after you promote.

And, of course, we'll happily send you back as much traffic as you send us - or more! 

Remember: Money Loves Speed!

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  • 1
    Step 1: Write down both birthdays.
  • 2
    Step 2Fill out the worksheet.
  • 3
    Step 3Find out your compatibility!

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Of course, you can continue to your Cosmic Love Blueprint without the Match Matrix, but you'll miss out on your one time only discount, and you might want it later.

You have nothing to lose. so you might as well go all the way. Your purchase has a one year, 100% money back guarantee. The risk-free choice is yours. 

With Love, Truth, and Honor,

Angel Adams

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