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So you passed on my offer to upgrade...

I Don't Want Price To Be A Problem

Let me knock off $20 - just for you - right now...

I’d hate to see you walk away without at least trying the…

528hz Love Activation System

I know price shouldn't matter when you're going after what you want... 

And yet, I also know that it's my duty as your reader to do everything humanly possible to help you get it. 

So at the last moment, I decided to drop the price even more.

I'm willing to throw in $20 of my own, just to get these love life-saving frequencies in your hands...

...... but only if you say yes on this page, and this page alone. 

Here's A Recap Of What You're Getting Inside Your 528hz Love Activation System Today

Sound Healing #1: Total Heart Unification

A $40 Value
Melt away your fears around love see how quickly others begin to open their hearts to you and love you more with the power of this meditation frequency.

Sound Healing #2: Releasing Karmic Partners

A $40 Value
You'll release negative karma that keeps you in a cycle toxic relationship patterns so you can make open your heart to invite true love with this powerful frequency.

Sound Healing #3: Divine Self Expression

A $40 Value
Do you ever hold back when you're afraid someone will reject you or get mad? This meditation liberates your true voice so you can express yourself confidently and get what you want.

Sound Healing #4: Pure Goddess Energy

A $40 Value
Unlock your inner feminine magnetism and leave people wondering how you manifest your desires so easily with this special "Goddess Power" frequency meditation...

Sound Healing #5: Soul Level Love

A $40 Value
Immerse yourself in this Soul Level Love frequency and he'll naturally want to give you the deeper connection your soul craves - pulling away less, and paying attention more.

Sound Healing #6: Inner to Outer Happiness

A $40 Value
Effortlessly enter the same kind of deep meditation that monks or saints practice, so you can find true happiness and live your best life from the inside out.

Guilt Into Gold

A $40 Value
Feel your heart become lighter and more free as a profound energy of forgiveness washes over you. Release regret about past relationships and open yourself to a bright future full of possibility and joy.

Shame Into Healing

A $40 Value
This meditation gently takes you by the hand and guide you to a state of profound healing where you can discover the true gifts hidden in your pain, and release it for good.

Anger Into Freedom

A $40 Value
Release pent up anger in minutes and let go of unhealthy control patterns in your mind so you can show up in your relationships the way you truly want to be.

Total Value: $360

Your One-Time-Only Price: $67 $47!

Remember: You WILL NOT see this discount again, it is only available for those who TRULY want to manifest their romantic destiny and live happily ever after.

If that's you, then click the button below right now to gain instant access to the 528hz Love Activation System for a one time payment of only $57 $47.

Plus, you're protected by the:

365 Day Money Back Guarantee 

You have ONE FULL YEAR to try it with zero risk! 

Your 528hz Love Activation System is backed by an ironclad so you have 365 days to try it and you make up your mind. 

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