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You just took a HUGE first step towards more romance, hotter connections and a much happier love life...

Hey it's Angel - and THANK YOU for ordering your Cosmic Love Blueprint!

I'm honored and humbled that you've asked for me to be your guide.

The secrets you're about to discover are life changing, and it's my duty to help you make the process as fast and easy as possible. 

Because, it's a different world out there. 

The landscape of love and romance is scattered with "left swipes" and meaningless sex.

And the longer time goes on, the harder it is to find and keep "The One."

You know... finding the man of your dreams is a lot like playing musical chairs...

You start off laughing, playing and dancing together as the excitement builds...

As you go around and around, you feel connected in your heart - innocent and free.

But then… it happens: The music stops!

In that moment, when you look around at each person playing the game, you realize...

You MUST Move Fast - Or You're Going Home Alone!

A jolt of panic surges through your body as people stop dancing and only look out for themselves. 

As you barley avoid going home alone by the skin of your teeth, you feel a rush of relief that you still have time. 

The longer the music plays, the better you become at surviving the fear of not knowing if you'll be going home next. 

With each song that goes by, as you notice fewer and fewer seats to fill...

... the fear never really goes away.

You just get used to it... and you pray. 

And here's the most ironic part:

Let's say you get really good at the game... you make it to the end, and you're the only one left. 

Your big prize? 

You STILL.. end up.. alone.

Millions of people struggle with playing musical chairs in their relationships, and approach romance the same exact way.

After one relationship fails, they become guarded and traumatized by their experience…

Which shapes their perspective of love and the way they treat men in the future.

And it happens again and again, until one day, they look in the mirror, and break down from all the time wasted on the wrong person.

That’s when you get angry, bitter, and resentful… pushing men away even further than before, and creating a downhill spiral in their love life that never ends.

With each new relationship that could have been “the one”... you gave love another chance, and opened your heart again… only to only wind up disappointed and alone.

 This Is An Unfortunate Reality For SO Many Women Today...

Because in today's fast paced, high tech landscape - we have to face a stark truth:

There has NEVER been so many options available to anyone as there are right now - in dating, love, relationships and in all areas of life. 

The old days of getting to know someone over time have been replaced with online dating apps that have hundreds of men throwing themselves at you at once. 

With so many options, you don't have to really get to know someone.

You need a quick way to filter out the men who are BAD for you so you can spend your precious time getting to know the right ones!

Because, lets be real:

If He's Not  Your Soulmate...
He's Wasting Your Time!

Nothing is worse than meeting a guy, getting your hopes up, then finding out later he's NOT who he said he was!

And, you know what? 

For some people, this can take years of dating to even decades of marriage before they ever find out the truth.

Can you imagine the nightmare of waking up 10 years into a marriage to realize you don't even know your husband? 

So much time ... wasted.  So many dreams... canceled. 

The hope of meeting Mr. Right ever again in your life is gone. 

It's no wonder why so many women get lost playing musical chairs in their dating life!

It's easier to keep playing instead of risking your heart being broken again. 

And yet... what if you could know ahead of time how your relationship will play out?

What if you could know in just 10 minutes or less?

The good news is that you CAN!

If you can fill out a bingo card, you can know within minutes if someone is a hard NO instead of finding out yourself - the hard way. 

No more years of frustration and love wasted on the wrong person! And if you have, then now you can shift gears and stop letting the clock tick by. 

All you need is someone's birthday, and you might also determine they're not only your perfect match - you might have just actually met your Soulmate. 

And yet, you'll find that most of the time - your average compatibility with a person you meet. is somewhere in between.

It really has become a numbers game these days.

Fortunately, it's a game that you can win. 

Thanks to the magic of Astrology, you can find out in minutes just how compatible you are ...

... what kind of connection you have... your strengths and weaknesses together...

And even your calculated Karmic Connection score.

Using a simple quiz, you can stop kissing frogs and find your prince faster than you ever thought possible. 

That's why I created this:

The Match Matrix:
Personal Compatibility System

  • 1
    Step 1: Write down both birthdays.
  • 2
    Step 2Fill out the worksheet.
  • 3
    Step 3Find out your compatibility!

The Match Matrix works in three easy steps, and you can use it as many times as you'd like! In just three easy steps, you can see right away what kind of connection you are working with.

  • 1
    Have their birthday ready...
  • 2
    Fill out the worksheet...
  • 3
    Learn your Soulmate Score!

Plus, it's the perfect companion to your Cosmic Love Blueprint!

Why? Because while your Cosmic Love Blueprint connects you to his destiny... the Match Matrix connects you on the ground in your day-to day life!

You'll identify your strengths as a couple so you can maximize them, and you'll discover your relationship challenges so you can overcome them before they start.

It's like having a custom roadmap to your relationship that's as unique as a fingerprint - just like the connection between you. 

Can you imagine how much easier your love life would be if you knew exactly what to expect, what steps to take, and how to deepen your love connection without hard work or stress?

Now, to make this an easy decision for you, I'm throwing in something that will give you an added layer of clarity and certainty in love.  

Order Now And You'll Get A Zodiac Romance Guide As My FREE Gift!

This eye-opening program reveals the behavior of each zodiac sign at every stage of falling in love, so you can recognize the signals.

You'll discover how compatible every Zodiac Sign is, and reveal intimate secrets about each one, such as...

  • How to tell when a someone REALLY loves you based on his Zodiac Sign!
  • What you can expect from someone at each stage, from dating to marriage!
  • The secret hidden passions each Zodiac sign triggers in each other, and how!
  • Why some signs will NEVER get along, while others find everlasting love!
  • And so much more...

The Romance Roadmap is worth $50 alone, but you can have it FREE just for adding the Match Matrix to your order! 

Can you imagine how much better it is knowing up front if someone has the potential you hoped for? 

Can you imagine the time, energy and effort you'll save?  

In fact, you have nothing to risk at all, just by giving the Match Matrix a try along with your Cosmic Love Blueprint today, because you're covered by our same...

365 Day Money Back Guarantee 

365 Day Money Back Guarantee 

You have ONE FULL YEAR to try it with zero risk! 

Your Match Matrix Upgrade is backed by a whopping 365 days to you make up your mind with this guarantee.

This means you can order it today and use it for a year before you make up your mind about it. 

And you really need to order it today because you're getting the highest discount I've ever offered on The Match Matrix before. 

Normally, you’d have to pay at least $300 for a compatibility reading with this level of accuracy. 

And most people would gladly pay $300 for The Match Matrix, especially since - unlike most compatibility systems who usually just run your numbers...

The Match Matrix teaches you the math!

You can use it for yourself, for your friends, your family, your co-workers... and anyone you want - making it worth at least $100 or more. 

And yet, because you just invested in your Cosmic Love Blueprint...

I'll go ahead and include your $37 towards your Match Matrix, bringing the price down to $66. 

Plus - just to show how serious I am that this will help you - I'll apply a coupon code and take another 75% off!

That brings your grand total for The Match Matrix down from $100 to only $100 $66 $17 if you order on this page!

That's 83% LESS Than Everyone Else Has To Pay!

However, I can't offer you this crazy good deal more than once because it's not fair to the people who paid full price, and as soon as you finish checking out, you will never see this deal again. 

And to think - after using this simple Match Matrix system...

You'll never have to play Musical Chairs with your heart again.

Click Below To Add The Match Matrix To Your Order Now

Now Just $100 $17 This One Time Only!

Regular Price  $100New Members Only $17

Of course, you can continue to your Cosmic Love Blueprint without the Match Matrix, but you'll miss out on your one time only discount, and you might want it later.

You have nothing to lose. so you might as well go all the way. Your purchase has a one year, 100% money back guarantee. The risk-free choice is yours. 

With Love, Truth, and Honor,

Angel Adams

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