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Brilliant! You're now amongst 2% of people with the courage and drive to completely transform their love lives.

You've now earned this secret key to...

Unlock High Frequency Wealth And Abundance In ALL Areas Of Your Life!

Your order is almost complete, and you’ll be inside the members area with all your products shortly!

There’s just something critical that I must warn you about first.

You see, the 528hz frequency will certainly help you transform your relationships and speed up your romantic destiny timeline…


Even The Truest Love Will Slowly Die If The Rest Of Your Life Is A Mess!

That’s why I’d be doing you a disservice without inviting you inside…

The Sound Frequency Healing Temple

Sound Healing Meditations To Uplift Every Area Of Your Life

I told you about the secret of 528hz sound healing earlier…

However, what I didn’t tell you is this:

Your new 528hz Love Activation System is part of a larger Sound Healing program that reaches beyond the frequency of love, and…

Raise Your Vibration Of Wealth, Career Success, Mental Health, Family, Friends, And More!

You’ll experience the power of…

Self-Forgiveness Shower

You’ll finally wash away grief, shame and embarrassment from past mistakes...

And FULLY forgive yourself for EVERYTHING so you can let go of everything holding you back and embrace your relationships with open arms!

Try this one when you're in the worst mood possible and feel just how fast your negative energies disappear like sand in the desert winds. 

Money Block Breaker

Shatter any mental obstacles between you and money silently stopping you from manifesting your dream life, even if they’re generations old!

You'll wonder why you've let yourself struggle with money once you try this one for the first time.

Because the truth is this: The #1 cause of breakups is money stress! You'll sleep better knowing your money issues won't keep you from love.

True Love Amplifier

A collection of next-level 528hz Love Amplifiers not included in your 528hz Love Activation System!

Get an extra dose of pure Unconditional Love energy whenever you need it most.

Try this one when you're in the worst mood possible and feel just how fast your negative energies disappear like sand in the desert winds. 

The Timeline Rewriter

Short circuit emotional pain from your past and you'll never have to relive the trauma of old stories again!

This high vibration frequency lets you let go of your past once and for all, no matter how severe!

Say goodbye to painful memories botching your romantic chances... and make room in your heart to manifest a love that will never hurt you!

Instant Courage Booster

Ever feel like you could use an instant boost of confidence before something important? 

Use this 741hz Guided Meditation and watch your fear melt away like an ice cube in the Sun... 

Even if you're stone-frozen like a deer in headlights!

Absorb this frequency before an important "talk" with someone who makes you nervous to quickly calm your mind, bring peace to your heart, and speak your truth with confidence. 

The Destiny Tuner

Want to connect with the Universe directly on an energetic level?

Tap into the live feed of your Destiny through the 525hz Frequency and download high-level insights into your karma from this life - and even past lives!

You'll never feel alone, confused or unsure what to do again when you can dial your Destiny any time for instant and accurate answers.

The Gate To Oneness

Have you ever felt live you've transcend space, time, or even the third dimension all together?

As the highest Sollfegio Frequency, 963hz has been known to help transcend human consciousness all together so you can see things from an all-knowing 5D perspective unlike any other!

You'll find answers to relationship questions you haven't even asked yet as you feel your MAJOR love-life stressors drift off your shoulders like a runaway balloon in the sky.

And that’s just a small taste of what's to come!

There’s also Guided Sound Healings called The Grief Time Machine, Soul Tie Disconnect, and even Fearless Flyer to help someone get over the fear of flying!

And more are being added all the time.

As you can probably imagine, these 7 frequencies work together to…

Align All Of Your Seven Chakras And Unlock Your Full Potential!

It’s what a lot of people do when they start 528hz because they immediately see the value in a fully balanced energy fiend with their chakras aligned. For most, it’s a no brainer.

And look, I can go on and on about it for another 5 pages...

... but I won’t because I know you’re probably anxious to get to your members area by now, and I really do respect your time!

You seem like a smart person who “gets it” otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far so I’m going to be quick:

You already grabbed 6 guided sound healing meditations for $57 at a heavy discount, which means your price was exactly $11.40 each.

The Sound Frequency Temple has 16 guided sound healing meditations, so you’d expect the price to be at LEAST $182.40 right?

Well, yes you should expect to… but of COURSE you won’t!

I mean… just look how far you made it today!

You just invested $74 on BOTH your Match Matrix AND your 528hz Love Activation System along with your Cosmic Love Blueprint today. 

I’m truly inspired by your motivation and I’d really like to prove it to you. 

That’s why, when you enroll in The Sound Frequency Temple while you’re still on this page, I'll include your 528hz Love Activation System fee towards your enrollment so...

You'll Get It For 63% Less Than Everyone Else Has To Pay!

This means you won’t have to pay $182.40…

You won’t pay $160… Not eve $120.

Right now, your price to enroll in the Sound Frequency Temple is only $182.4 $111!

However, the cost for enrollment is usually $300, which means that I can only offer you this deep discount this one time only, otherwise it wouldn't be fair.


The Universe rewards those who take action, and you’ve impressed me with your ambition so far, so I’m almost sure that…

Balancing Your Chakras With All Seven Frequencies Is A No Brainer For Maximizing Your Results

And of course, you’re still covered by the same glorious 365 day money back guarantee so you have zero stress or risk or worry.

So let’s get you inside the Temple and start your journey in the most powerful and effective way possible. 

Click To Add The Sound Frequency Temple To Your Order Right Now

Yours For $300 Just $111 This One Time Only

Regular Price  $300New Members Only $111

365 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Your Sound Frequency Temple Lifetime Enrollment is protected by a 365 day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

You have ONE FULL YEAR to try it with zero risk! 

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